HOW TO LOOK SEXY IN A WHEELCHAIR : Tips and Tricks With Body Confidence

Many people with disabilities have misperceptions about sexuality and disability. The media rarely promotes beauty and disability which is why so many people today with disabilities, feel somewhat inadequate and are made to feel ‘unsexy’. If you’ve had a disability all your life, you may have learnt to not see yourself in a sexy light, so naturally, you may have given up all together to fulfil your true potential as a sexually desired person.

I had my disability later on in life, so I’ve seen it from both sides. I have been very intact with my feminine side all my life and knew myself very intimately on a sexual level. I was suddenly faced with a very different image of myself at the time and have had to relearn everything to still look and feel sexually confident. I have used all the tools in my box to help me cope with the situation and I thrive on helping others!

Having a disability does make things harder but not impossible! In this video I share tips on how to look and feel sexy with a disability. How to highlight your assets and cleverly camouflage the ones you don’t particularly like about yourself. I share my knowledge on corsets and the benefits of wearing them as a wheelchair user. You have to Keep an open mind while learning about yourself and begin your journey to knowing the sexual person that you are!

All corsets featured in this video are by some Of these amazing designers!

https://www.fairygothmother.co.uk/ – beautiful bespoke corsets made to measure and wedding dresses

http://deborahbrand.com/- the exceptionally talented Deborah Brand who is a must for any corset lover- check out her must have ‘mila corset’ – flying off the shelves

https://corsets-uk.com- Beautifully made online corset company that offers a whole range of ready to wear corsets Lingerie

https://www.misslalapresents.co.uk/pa… exquisite luxury, retro style, pin up lingerie that can only cheer you up on a rainy day! My favourite lingerie and so comfortable.Featured in video wearing pink silk bra and panties Fashion accessories

https://www.abbiewalsh.com/-the insanely gifted designer, who specialises in one off conversational fashion accessories and clothing. Her neckties and bows are one of a kind… will be seeing more of her things in future videos

http://www.seraoflondon.com/- the highly acclaimed fashion nova/ fashionista/ interior designer & soft furnishing guru All corset content featured in her studios Check her out!!

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