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My name is Heidi Herkes, a London based founder of a unique, freelance personal styling consultancy, specialising in celebrating individuality, diversity and finding a unique style for everyone, regardless of your limitations.

My Story

Originally from London, I have travelled and lived extensively around the world, running my own high-end bridal hair and make-up company- Sydney, Dubai, Auckland, Berlin and the US.

During this time I was fortunate enough to attend some incredible weddings, events and venues. I worked with all sorts of clients, providing full creative input and artistic skills to help women look and feel incredible!

However, this all suddenly changed when I was dealt a life changing accident, where I had to rethink my approach to life and work completely. After falling down a flight of stairs and breaking my neck, I became paralysed from the chest down.

Not only did it have a resonating effect on my life at the time, it also showed me first-hand how enormous an impact it had on the way I looked and felt. My confidence and self-esteem were at ground zero. I was faced daily with the difficulty of not being able to express myself as the woman I once was.

This forced me to examine style from the point of view of not having the perfect physique, posture or appearance and still wanting to look and feel amazing. I soon realised that despite the accident, this was something that resonated deeply with me and was something i wanted to pursue. My inspiration was the ability to embrace individuality and diversity and all the things that makes us different instead of trying to fit into the mainstream.

After studying extensively, Heidi Herkes Style Consultancy came to light and I launched the company to help women from all different backgrounds, all different shapes, sizes and personalities discover who they really are. Creating beautiful styles that are 100% authentic, individual and empowering.

The whole process is one of self discovery and more often than not, not only transform the way you look but the way you feel.

If you think that I could be of help to you, please do get in touch. It would be great to hear from you.

Heidi x

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