Wardrobe Styling

The wardrobe styling sessions are designed to facilitate women who may have too many clothes but still nothing to wear. Who possibly don’t know how to declutter effectively, struggle to put outfits together and get frustrated and overwhelmed when shopping...

My job is to freshen up your wardrobe to facilitate a brand new you. I create a list of carefully selected items in order to design your perfect capsule wardrobe whilst working within a budget. My philosophy is buy less, plan well, so that we can mix and match seamlessly and effectively. This saves you a huge amount of time and money in the long run.

The wardrobe styling package includes:
  • A style consultation
  • Spring clean of clothing
  • Establish favourite workable items
  • Discovering flattering colours and styles
  • Assess correct fit and unsuitable items
  • Create a shopping list in order to complete the perfect capsule wardrobe
Price start from : £200