Personal Style Consultation

Style comes from feeling confident and secure in who you are. The most important thing when it comes to personal style is that it’s personal.

It has to be about you because you are unique and deserve a style that is custom made for you. On days when you are not feeling so great my suggestion is to throw on some colour and dress better.

I will help you find a style that you love and that fits in with your lifestyle. I will design a package for you that will be an easy step by step guide of how to create a style that is true to you. Your style will express your individuality, work beautifully with your body shape and colours with match. I will also teach you the secrets to wearing your new found style with confidence.

Your Personal Style Guide will include:

  • Body shape analysis and how to dress for your figure
  • Style analysis and how to express it
  • Personal colour advice and swatch wallet
  • Accessorising
Prices start from £150